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SA Government cover-19 webpage

Bexar County Executive Order
(effective as of 11:59 pm March 24, 2020, and continuing through 11:59 pm on April 9, 2020, unless extended, terminated early by Bexar County Judge Nelson W. Wolff)


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Public service announcements on social distancing, prevention and testing are available here.

Pastor Roundtable Discussions
via Zoom
As we all make adjustments in our changing circumstances, we want to provide an opportunity for pastors to connect with each other.
Proverbs 27:7  "Iron sharpens iron
so one man sharpens another."
You are not alone and do not need to face our current challenges alone. We want to learn from each other as well as support each other. We are better and stronger together. Please invite other pastors to participate - whether they are a part of SABA or not.
Each geographical area, where our churches are located, is different so we have created discussion groups in order to connect area pastors together. If you are not able to participate in your area roundtable, please choose one that will work for your schedule.
We would like to create at least two helpful lists:
- best practices
- FAQ's with Answers

Here are the options for zoom calls:


1.  Northeast Area Pastor's Roundtable

Thursday March 26 @ 9:00 am to 10:00 am


2.  Southeast Area Pastor's Roundtable

Thursday March 26 @ 11 am to 12 noon


3.  Southwest Area Pastor's Roundtable

Thursday March 26 @ 1 pm to 2 pm


4.  Northwest Area Pastor's Roundtable

Thursday March 26 @ 3 pm to 4 pm


Here are a few questions for our discussion:

1. As you have make adjustments, what has been your biggest challenge?
2. What financial shifts might you have to make?
3. How are you helping your congregation stay in community even thought they cannot physically meet as a group?
4. What is the biggest longterm challenge?

Helpful Videos

Group 1 - Facebook Live Streaming

Group 2 - Beyond Facebook Live

We are offering a 5 part video series to take your vitual worship service to the next level.

This is more than "live streaming." This an interactive worship experience

with online giving, live chat room for prayer requests, etc.

As an Association, we encourage church leaders to give serious consideration to the following pro-active steps:

Web links are embedded.

A. Follow the current health guidelines put in place by the Governor Abbott Executive OrderWhite House Coronavirus Task Force, the World Health Organization and the Center of Disease Control and Prevention. We believe they are working in our collective best interest.

B. Follow the current Governor Abbott Executive Order, and the White House Coronavirus Task Force recommendations on the size of group gatherings. Apply the 2nd Great Commandment to ‘love your neighbor’ as the standard for decisions. Protect the health of others.

C. Provide a way for your church members to give online Easytithe,, Generosity, etc.

D. Use social media (Facebook, YouTube, etc.) to post your communications such as sermons, updates, etc.

E. Consider using Zoom, Go To Meetings, Skype, EZTalks, Adobe Connect, etc. as a platform to experience ‘live’ worship as a church.

F. Share the links & information from the webpage with your congregation as needed.

G. Do not rely on information that does not come from government and civil authority sources. For the best information go to official government and civil websites.

H. Update your church member information database.

Como Asociación, animamos a los líderes de las iglesias de tener en seria consideración los siguiente pasos de acción:

A. Sigan las indicaciones de salud que nos da el Orden Ejecutiva del Gobernador Abbott, el Equipo de Trabajo del Coronavirus de La Casa Blanca, La Organización Mundial de la Salud y el Centro Prevención de Enfermedades contagiosas (CDC) creemos que están trabajando en interés de todos.

B. Sigan las indicaciones de salud que nos da el Orden Ejecutiva del Gobernador Abbott, y el Equipo de Trabajo del Coronavirus de La Casa Blanca, referente al número de personas que se deben congregar. Apliquen así el 2º Gran Mandamiento, de “amar al prójimo”, como el estándar para nuestras decisiones. Protejamos la salud de los demás.

C. Ofrezcan a los miembros de sus iglesias maneras en línea de poder enviar sus donativos como Easytithe,, Generosity, etc.

D. Usen las plataformas de Medios Sociales (tales como Facebook, Youtube etc. ) para hacer llegar sus comunicaciones tales como sermones, informaciones etc.

E. Consideren el uso de Zoom, Go To Meeting, Skype, EZTalks, Adobe Connect, etc. como plataformas en las que experimentar los servicios y la alabanza, como una iglesia “en vivo”.

F. Compartan la información que aquí les estamos ofreciendo, con sus congregaciones.

G. No se basen en informaciones que no provengan de fuentes del gobierno y de las autoridades civiles. Para obtener la mejor información, vayan a las páginas oficiales.

H. Actualicen la información y las bases de datos de todos sus miembros.

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