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A new year a new emphasis

2020 was a year of firsts for many of us. For churches it was particularly stressful. Many of our SABA churches were blindsided by COVID-19 and the following shutdowns. Our media team knew we needed to respond not only quickly but also effectively. Churches had to dive headfirst into mostly unknown digital waters. The SABA Digital Team quickly coordinated a plan to support our churches. Our mission statement was our guide. To connect, encourage, and support churches for kingdom impact. We began by connecting with our churches individually to identify their needs.

Over the course of the year SABA Media worked with dozens of pastors and congregations. It has been a blessing and honor to support our churches as they continue to impact the Kingdom.

Flash forward As we begin this new year 2021 we can look back at some of the lessons learned from 2020. Many changes we thought were temporary have now become the new normal. Words like online footprint, social presence, streaming bandwidth, and traffic are now part of our regular church services.

The question then arises what are the next steps? The SABA Media team is committed to helping you and your congregation navigate these digital waters.

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