Leader Development

It has been stated that everything rises and falls on leadership.  The development of current and emerging leaders is a vital ministry in today's church context.  Leader development is any activity that enhances the quality of leadership within an individual or organization.  In a church context, leader development focuses on the development of the Christian leader in reference to biblical qualifications and spiritual maturity.
Our biblical mandate is . . . . so the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work. 2 Timothy 3:17
There are 3 general observations that can be made about the development of a leader:
1.  God develops a leader over a lifetime.  An effective leader is one who not only has a vision for his church, but is learning the new skills that are needed to lead the church into the future.
2.  God uses people, circumstances and ministry assignments to shape the life of a leader.  Romans 8:28
3.  Leadership plateau is often indicative of a developmental need or growth issue within a leader's life.  Effective leaders maintain a learning posture throughout their life.

- Seminars -

Short term learning seminars are unique, specific and enhance ministry skills within a variety of disciplines.

- Conferences -

Generally, conferences are one and two day concentration focusing around a specific topic.

- Retreats -

Two, three and six day overnight retreats are excellent opportunities to drill deeply within the content and subject matter.

- Certificates -

We provide a variety of Certificate Courses through a wide range of organizations.

- Table Tops -

Workshops where specific scenarios are presented and participants plan responses, next steps and procedures which need to be in place to minimize impact and influence