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Community Impact

–  collaborative efforts to serve our communities  

As of 2015 with a population of 2.4 million people Bexar County is the 7th largest city in the United States and the 2nd largest in Texas. It is considered the second fastest growing large city in the United States. With the population divided at:

63.2 % Hispanic

26.6 % Anglo

6.9 % African American

3.3 % Other


Faith & Finances 

Faith & Finances teaches that God’s plan for your money might be larger than yours! Biblical principles about money came alive in this highly interactive course, as students are equipped to conquer the ‘battle of the budget.’ Classes are open to individuals, families, and youth.






STCH Ministries Family Counseling provides hope and direction for countless individuals, couples, children, and families when they need help sorting through the challenges of life. Counseling services are provided regardless of an individual or family’s ability to pay for them. Donations toward services are accepted and appreciated.  STCH Ministries counselors are professionally trained and offer counseling that is clinically excellent and distinctively Christian. Our Family Counseling is also a preventative ministry that equips churches to be the first resource for those who are hurting and in need.

The Alamo City is a diverse community. Our city is promoted as a great place to live with the cost of living ranked among the lowest of major cities in the US with a median income of $41,000. In the midst of this very upbeat and positive report, San Antonio is full of ministry opportunities.


Highly Capable Kids 

Raising Highly Capable Kids wants to help you give your child that fighting chance to combat the negative influences that inundate them on a daily basis. This 13-week, bilingual, evidence-based program helps parents raise healthy, caring and responsible children. With some helpful information, encouragement from others and your commitment, raising highly capable kids really is possible.


Hunger Initiatives 

Each year in November SABA hosts a hunger walk to raise funds for food distribution programs in SABA churches. Texas has 1.3 million people who experience hunger daily. Texas has the highest food insecurity rate among children. SABA churches operate food pantries and need your help.  Consider how you and your church can help raise funds for this important ministry.


Faith and Work  

Faith & Work guides people to discover God’s purpose for their lives and how to fulfill that purpose through their work. Participants are provided the opportunity and tools to achieve their full potential as they become more confident in their ability to succeed at work, become leaders, and positively influence their work environments.

Life Choices Medical Clinic

Life Choices Medical Clinics are dedicated to providing free or low-cost services to the women and families in our community. They provide pregnancy tests, medical services, and educational classes. 


Evangelistic Block Party Trailer

SABA owns and operates a trailer with a number of items available to SABA churches.  The trailer includes such items as: bounce houses; snow cones machines; popcorn machines; and other items to be used in evangelistic efforts. SABA churches can rent the trailer or specific items for a nominal price.


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