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Church Starting

- innovative efforts toward disciple making movements resulting in reproducing churches -

2022 Goals

G1 - Start 22 new churches

G2 - Recruit 22 new church sponsors

Personal Preparation

Church Starter Cohorts

Church starters will participate in a multi-month cohort designed to assist the church starter before beginning a new church. Preparation will first focus on the church starter himself and then on the steps to begin the church. Each cohort will begin and end the process together as a peer learning group. 


Church Starter Assessment

You will receive an assessment, which involves a conversation designed to discover strengths, skills and talents, which results in a written document used to help build a comprehensive plan for success.


Church Starter Reviews

You will have regular quarterly assessments to help church you move forward in the process of successfully fulfilling the strategy plan of seeing a new church form.


Church Starting Center

You will receive a comprehensive one-year cohort training opportunity, which involves coaching, administration, leader development, and master plan development.



You will work with certified coaches who follow ICF guidelines to help church starters discover the God-empowered directions and solutions which help their churches thrive.



You will implement the best practices that capture uniqueness as you work with church start consultants.  


Care & Connection

You are provided with opportunities to connect with other leaders in small groups in order to build relationships of encouragement.

Church & Organization Preparation


Introduction to Church Planting

This multi-week course is a study of the essential principles for starting and multiplying churches resulting in the establishment of vibrant, reproducing churches.


Models of Church Planting

This multi-week course is an advanced course in church planting, with the goal of integrating biblical, missiological, sociological, and anthropological insights to the task of church planting.


4 x 4 Evangelism Training

Need a boost in your church evangelism? This two-phase church-wide evangelistic endeavor involving the four components of Identify, Intercede, Invest, and Invite.


-  Training Videos  -


Reasons to Start New Churches (2 videos)

*  Reasons 1 - 7

*  Reasons 8 - 13

4 x 4 Desafío Para el Evangelismo

4 x 4 Challenge for Evangelism 

Siembra de Iglesias (parte 1)

Church Planting (part 1)

Siembra de Iglesias (parte 2)

Church Planting (part 2)

Co-Vocational Church Planting (part 1)

Co-Vocational Church Planting (part 2)

Church Planting Movements Series (5 videos)

*  Introduction to CPMs

*  10 Practical Handles

*  10 Common Factors

*  10 Universal Elements

*  Obstacle to CPMs



More Videos Coming Soon . . . . 

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