Minister’s Tax Seminar
The Minister’s Tax Seminar is generally offered in February each year and is led by Vern Hargrave, MBA, CPA, CFE with PSK.LLP. This seminar focuses on the annual changes in the tax laws and is an excellent place for the minister to discover all his allowable deductible expenses.

Personal Benefits
  • Understand the current tax laws and how they apply to your personal tax situation.
  • Gain clarity on what the church can and must do for the minister concerning his tax preparation.
Contact San Antonio Baptist Association 210.525.9954 for date and additional information.

Church Tax Seminar
The Church Tax Seminar is generally offered in September each year and is also led by Vern Hargrave. This seminar focuses on the changes in tax laws and how those changes affect the local church.

Personal Benefits
  • To understand the current tax laws and how they apply to the church
Contact San Antonio Baptist Association, 210.525.9954 for date and additional information.
This seminar is designed to inform each pastor, minister of education/administration, church secretaries, and church treasurers on how to complete the Annual Church Profile. Each year Baptists across the nation complete the ACP, which becomes the most accurate historical record of the church.

Personal Benefit
  • Discover the best practices in completing the Annual Church Profile
  • It is a requirement for each church to complete this Profile to remain in Good Standing with San Antonio Baptist Association
Generally this seminar is taught early September and the Profile is to be completed by the end of October. Contact Jonell Salinas at 210.525.9954 or jonells@sanantoniobaptist.org for dates and additional information.
SABA partners with Wayland Baptist University-SA in hosting their Certificate in Christian Ministry program. This program uses programmed instruction and guided study format to make it possible for anyone to achieve success if he/she is willing to give the time and dedicate himself/herself to the study. It involves 18 semester courses, each 11 weeks in length.

Personal Benefits
  • It is designed to meet the needs of those who have sensed a call to Christian ministry but have been unable to attend Bible school or Seminary.
  • It assists lay leaders who desire to deepen their personal spiritual lives.
  • It assists those interested in increasing Bible knowledge and become more effective in ministry.

Courses Available

CM 0101 – The Pentateuch
This course is an examination of the Old Testament background, Genesis through Deuteronomy. The study of the first five books of the Old Testament will give appropriate attention to the historical, literary and theological aspects.
CM 0102 – The History of Israel and the Early Prophets
A study of Israel’s history from the occupation of Canaan to the Babylonian captivity and the prophetic warnings and hope or restoration to the Persian Period.

CM 0103 – Postexilic Biblical Literature
A study of the canonical process and the biblical writing of the postexilic period including the poetic and wisdom literature.
CM 0104 – The Gospels and the Life of Christ
A study of the Intertestamental period followed by a study of the life and ministry of Christ as presented in the four gospels, the first four books of the New Testament.

CM 0105 – Acts and the Pauline Epistles
This will be a study of the development of the New Testament church as presented in the Book of Acts and the 13 epistles traditionally considered to have been written by the Apostle Paul.
CN 0106 – Hebrews, the General Epistles and Revelation
An examination of the writings that give practical guidance for Christian conduct and encouragement to Christians suffering persecution, plus an introduction to apocalyptic literature and the development and transmission of the New Testament Cannon.

CM 0107 – Understanding the Bible
A study of the basic principles and methods of biblical interpretation. Attention will be given to the application of these principles and methods to select biblical passages.
CM 0108 – Basic Christian Beliefs
An introductory study of the basic doctrines of the Christian faith. Attention will be given to the great doctrines of Revelation, Scripture, God, Christ, Holy Spirit, Salvation, Church and Christian Life.

CM 0111 – Christian Ethics
A study of basic Biblical ethics. Attention will be given to the application of Biblical ethical principles in the life of the pastor and other church leaders as well as to our contemporary society and culture.

CM 0113 – Sharpening Relationship Skills
A study of biblical principles of leadership and their application in today’s churches and contemporary culture, with an emphasis on servant leadership. Attention will be given to spiritual gifts and their use in ministry as well as personal discipleship and prayer.

CM 0114 – Christian Worship
A study of the nature, purpose and methods of Christian worship. Attention will be given both to worship in the Bible and in our contemporary society.

CM 0116 – Pastoring a Local Church
An overview of pastoral ministry in contemporary culture, with attention given to the call to ministry; a study of the day-to-day tasks faced by a local church pastor, including pastoral care, conducting weddings and funerals, leading church business meetings and leading in the observance of the church ordinances.

CM 0117 – The Art of Preaching
A study of the art of preaching with attention being given to the principles and steps involved in effective sermon preparation and delivery as well as the development of a spirit-led planned program of preaching.
CM 0123 – Youth Ministry in the Local Church
A study of youth ministry in a local church in contemporary society. Attention will be given to the role of the youth minister as it relates to the purposes of the church, to the pastor and other church staff members, and to both the congregation and community.
CM 0110 – Evangelism
A study of the principles, theology and methods of New Testament evangelism. Attention will be given to evangelism on both a personal and church level.

CM 0112 – Baptist History and Distinctives
This will be a survey of Baptist history from the 16th century to the present, including a brief look at current denominational relationships. Attention will be given to both individuals and events that have influenced Baptist life and theology.
CM 0115 – Developing a Kingdom Vision
A study of the Biblical basis for a worldwide kingdom vision and how to lead a church to have such a vision. Attention will be given to past, current and future strategies in today’s world.

CM 0118 – Caring for the People of God
A more in-depth study of pastoral care including crisis intervention, hospital visitation, personal counseling and referral.

CM 0120 – The Art of Teaching
A study of the art of teaching. Attention will be given to the teaching methods of Jesus and to the principles and steps involved in effective Bible teaching in today’s culture.

CM 0126 – Children’s Ministry in the Local Church
A study of children’s ministry in a local church in contemporary society. Attention will be given to the role of a children’s minister as it relates to the purposes of the church, to the pastor and other staff members and to both the congregation and community.

New Church Starting School
The SABA New Church Starting School is designed to inspire, equip, assess and empower the new church starter to get off on the right foot as he and his wife create their new church.

Personal Benefits
  • Discover your unique passion, gifting and calling as a new church starter.
  • Discover how to identify, enlist and empower a Core Team.
  • Learn how to register your new church with the State of Texas and create the foundational documents necessary.
  • Discover the abundant resources available to the new church starter within SABA and State Denominational Resources.
New Church Core Team School
The New Church Core Team School is designed to assist the new church starter in developing his core team into an efficient and effective leadership culture.

Personal Benefits
  • Assists the pastor with developing his Core Team.
  • Helps each member of the Core Team understand the role before them, challenges they will face, develop a common language.
  • Helps the Core Team understand the resources available to them.
National House Church Conference
SABA sponsors the House Church Conference to assist denominational leaders, local church pastors, house church pastors and leaders in sharpening their skills and deepen their understanding of the uniqueness of doing church in a home setting.

Personal Benefits
  • Network with other interested individuals around House Church issues.
  • Discover best practices in leading a House Church.
  • Discover proven principles in House Church expansion and multiplication.
  • Learn how to avoid the pit falls of House Churches.
4 X Four Evangelism Training
The 4 x Four Evangelism Training is a simple, effective and proven way to motivate any Christian or group to do as Jesus instructed us in the Great Commission. When Jesus saw the crowds He had compassion on them because they were helpless and lost. He told His disciples that they were to go, pray and help them.
Personal Benefits
  • Helps each Christian leader and lay person to identify those in their sphere of relationships who do not know Christ personally.
  • Encourages us to pray and intercede on behalf of each person identified.
  • Asks us to invest in each person on our list.
  • Asks us to invite each friend, relative, neighbor and associate to an event held at the church.
  • Requires ministry staff to plan regular significant events so members can invite their identified friends to church.
T 4 T Evangelism Training
This evangelism training is one of the most dynamic Church Planting Movements in the world. Its premise is each believer is to be sharing their faith in simple reproducible ways, so those to whom they witness are able to share their faith with their friends, relatives, neighbors and associates. The reproducible process continues to the next generation and then the next until each person on earth comes to Christ as Savior & Lord.

Personal Benefits
  • Discover the easily reproducible principles of reproduction.
  • Be personally involved in evangelism and then discipling the new convert.
  • See healthy churches planted and reproducing.
UnApologetic Conference
This two day conference is designed for participants to hear biblical truth backed up with logic and evidence expressed in gentleness and respect. General Sessions and workshops are provided to help individuals strengthen their faith and learn how to engage others with the Gospel.

Personal Benefits
  • Personal faith is strengthened.
  • Discover new evidence and truth that enlightens one’s faith.
  • Assists in preparing individuals to share their faith with those of other cultures and viewpoints.
  • Edifies the church membership in discipleship and evangelism.
R3 Summit
The two day R3 Summit is a multi-year emphasis on identifying, developing and training high yield Latino leaders to serve existing and starting new Latino churches in SABA and across Texas. This conference provides motivation, inspiration and training for new emerging leaders.
Personal Benefits
  • Network and connect with other emerging Latino leaders across the state
  • Motivation to become a risk taker in your own ministry setting
  • Inspiration on what God is doing, sharpening your leadership skills and growing spiritually
Woman’s REEL Conference
The two day women’s conference is a multi-year emphasis on identifying, developing and training high yield Latino leaders and pastor wives as they serve existing Latino churches in SABA and across Texas. This conference provides motivation, inspiration and training for women’s ministry leaders.

Personal Benefits
  • Network and connect with other women Latino leaders across the state.
  • Motivation to become a risk taker in your own ministry setting.
  • Inspiration on what God is doing, sharpening your leadership skills and growing spiritually.
Evangelist Training School
This evangelistic training school focuses on training local church revival evangelistic preachers in how to effectively present the gospel in a revival setting, draw the net and train local pastors in evangelism.

Personal Benefits
  • Learning the skill of revival preaching and how that differs from general sermons
  • Networking with other revival evangelists
  • Discovering best practices in revival preaching, invitation and training
Personal Evangelism School
This evangelism training school focuses on training the trainers in evangelistic processes such as: T 4 T, 4 X Four and other effective evangelistic ministries.

Personal Benefits
  • Discovery of new evangelism processes and methods
  • Discovering which evangelistic method will work best in your cultural setting
  • Sharpening your own personal evangelistic method
One of the annual evangelistic events in most Baptist churches year after year is the summer Vacation Bible School. This two day training clinic, generally held in March or April, prepares local church VBS leaders in ideas and motivation for the upcoming VBS in their church.
Personal Benefits
  • Inspiration and motivation for your local church VBS.
  • Gaining skill development in leading in VBS.
  • Discovering summer outreach and follow up ideas.
  • Learning new administrative ideas to improve your VBS
  • Contact Angela Coleman at 210.525.9954 for dates and times.
Urban Missionary Training Center
This training center has as its purpose to equip individuals and teams to function as urban missionaries using current missiological methodologies and philosophies. METHODOLOGIES include: worldview, cultural anthropology, evangelistic and chronological Bible storytelling, world religions and building strategy plans. PHILOSOPHIES include: indigenous, reproducibility, non-dependent, heart language, church planting and movement principles.

Personal Benefits
  • Discover best practices in reaching various cultures.
  • Understand various worldviews and historical cultural issues of various people groups.
  • Using contemporary evangelistic methodologies with people who are different than you.
  • Understanding church planting movements and principles.
Great Commission Initiative, Phase 1
The Great Commission Initiative is an advanced discipleship training system that facilitates global church planting movements by equipping church planters, pastors, lay leaders and mission strategists with the most current missiological thinking and practices.

Personal Benefits
  • Uncover the power of understanding world view and how world view impacts the way one shares the gospel with different cultures.
  • Discover various missiological processes and best practices.
  • Discover what God is doing worldwide through church planting movements.
Great Commission Initiative Phase 2
The second phase of Great Commission Initiative focuses on evangelism and discipleship methods with various worldviews.

Personal Benefits
  • Understand what evangelistic methods work best with various worldviews.
  • Discover what discipleship methods work with best various worldviews.
Great Commission Initiative Phase 3
The third phase of Great Commission Initiative focuses on presenting the Gospel with oral cultures.
Personal Benefits
  • Uncovering how to tell a Biblical story in such a way that it is reproducible for multiple generations in an oral culture.
  • Discovering what Biblical stories work best with which worldview.
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