Searching for a New Pastor
Your Pastor Search Team will discover valuable assistance and guidance through San Antonio Baptist Association. Your Associational Staff enjoys training Search Teams with guidelines, principles, processes and sharing resources to assist the Search Team in this critical role.

Contact Darrell Horn or Harrell Teague at 210.525.9954 or darrellh@sanantoniobaptist.org or harrellt@sanantoniobaptist.org
Searching for an Interim Pastor
Your San Antonio Baptist Associational staff maintains an up-to-date listing of trained and certified Interim Pastors in the San Antonio Area. We will be happy to share the list to our churches for Supply Pastors or Interim Pastors.

Contact Darrell Horn or Harrell Teague at 210.525.9954 or darrellh@sanantoniobaptist.org or harrellt@sanantoniobaptist.org
Searching for a Staff Member
Your San Antonio Baptist Associational staff maintains an up to date listing of Ministers of Education, Executive Pastors, Worship Pastors, Youth Pastors, Children’s Pastors and Administrators. Contact Harrell Teague at 210.525.9954 or harrellt@sanantoniobaptist.org
SABA Coaching Clinic
We use the Coach U Coaching Clinic, which is a two-day leadership training event designed to help ministers and leaders: listen more effectively, ask powerful questions, and sharpen their pastoral skills using a coaching approach in their ministry relationships. Participants will gain a coaching toolkit of knowledge, techniques and practiced skills that ministers and leaders can apply in their ministry situations. Applying these skills will spur rapid development of individuals and teams, and foster leadership potential.
Participant Benefits
  • Discovering coaching as a powerful leadership model by learning, experiencing and practicing “state-of-the-art” coaching techniques.
  • Understanding the structure and process of a coaching approach to ministry.
National Coach Accreditation Training
This intensive 6 day Coach Training is through Coach U, an international coaching organization providing coach training leading toward International Coaching Federation (ICF) Accreditation. The 60 hour concentrated study, along with additional hours of TeleClasses, coaching individuals for 100 hours and passing a coaching exam will lead to the completion of the ICF Associate Coach Accreditation.

Participant Benefits
  • Obtaining ICF Accreditation is the most complete professional Coach Accreditation process in the world.
  • Learning the skills of coaching will assist anyone in ministry with personal relationship, ministry and leadership skills
National Train the Coach Trainer Clinic
The National Train the Coach Trainer clinic is a three-day event designed to fully equip and certify participants to train others in our Basic Coach Training Certification. This specialized coach training is for individuals interested in training coaches for their denominations, associations, conferences and organizations.
Participant Benefits
  • Persons interested in training others who wish to train coaches, such as denomination, association, conferences and organizational leaders, will find this certificate a valuable asset.

How Faith Grows Seminar
This seminar is designed to help participants discover how a person’s faith grows, the stages of faith development and resources to assist in growing faith for yourself and each member of your family.

Participant Benefits
  • Bible Study teachers of all ages will find this training helpful as they prepare studies and design their classrooms for maximum learning.
  • Parents and Grandparents will gain practical resources to assist their children’s faith development.
Longing Retreat One
The Longing Retreat System is a three or four retreat system, providing ministers and ministry wives with the spiritual habits Christians have found helpful since the second century. These spiritual habits deepen faith, nourish your soul, engage your mind and deepen personal relationships.
The first retreat focuses on Sabbath, various Prayer Methods, Prayerful Reading, Silence and Solitude. This retreat will be 70% content and 30% alone time.
Participant Benefits of the Three Retreats
  • Church members will notice a remarkable difference in the pastor’s preaching and will inquire of the pastor, what he is doing differently. They notice their messages are more intimate, authentic, personal and rich!
  • Church and family members notice a remarkable change in the minister’s character, attitude and outlook on life!
  • The minister’s depth of spiritual sensitivity and application of Biblical principles will greatly improve!
Longing Retreat Two
The second retreat focuses on Stability, Simplicity, Fasting and Discernment. This retreat will be 40% content and 60% alone time.
Longing Retreat Three
The third retreat is designed to focus on topics such as: the Contemplative Pastor, Where We Go from Here, and help the participant be completely comfortable with the disciplines of Contemplative Prayer, Silence and Solitude. This retreat will be 10% content and 90% alone time.
Longing Retreat Practicum
The retreat practicum gives the participant options, such as: focus on implementing spiritual formation into your local setting, spend the entire time in silence, participate in previous retreat sessions and/or participating in discussion groups.

The Deacon Certificate is a yearlong process composed of 4 independent units of study, each of which are five sessions in length, two hours each session.

Personal Benefits
  • Effective Deacon Leaders grow in skills, knowledge and application of spiritual habits.
  • Growing Deacons increase ministry and leadership skills, and will serve the pastor and church more effectively.
Sharpening Personal Faith Foundations
During these five weeks the focus will be on subjects such as: the Deacon’s growing in faith and wisdom, the Deacon’s daily walk with the Lord, and strengthening his personal foundations for life, faith and servanthood.
Sharpening Deacon Caring Skills
These five weeks will focus on improving skills such as: building trust, listening, determining needs, improving communication, finding solutions, referring and follow up. Discover how to minister to the: unemployed, financially stressed, elderly, widowed, separated & divorced and other life situations.
Sharpening Church Growth Skills
During this five week period Deacons will learn how they can hinder or ignite the growth of the church by their attitudes and actions. These weeks will focus on uncovering the critical issues, principles, practices and structures that foster growing churches.

Sharpening Unity Skills
This five week course will highlight using Biblical principles to enable Deacons to lead through relationships, to recognize relationship issues at the heart of every unhealthy conflict, to keep a congregation focused on Christ even in the midst of conflict, and to be peacemakers by speaking Biblical truth into the conflict.
Thriving Church Growth Conference
The Thriving Church Growth Conference is a leadership development event helping leaders understand the principles of growing churches and specific age-level training for Bible Study Leaders. The Growth Conference, held on Friday evening, answers some of the burning questions about the church: 1) Why do some churches grow and others not?; 2) If we wanted to grow, where do we start?; 3) What causes churches to thrive?; And 4) what would a “Thriving Church” look like anyway?

On Saturday morning specific age-level leadership training is offered for each leader within the Bible Study organization.

Personal Benefit
  • Ministry leaders and lay leaders will gain a fresh understanding of the principles and processes of a growing church and will have a common language to implement future growth initiatives.
  • Age level leaders in Preschool, Children, Student and Adult classes will discover how to strengthen their teaching skills and/or outreach ideas appropriate for their age level leadership.
Sunday School Director Certificate
Using time tested principles of Growth this Certificate is specially designed to prepare the Sunday School Director to be effective in leading a volunteer army of Sunday School leaders and discover how the church grows through the Sunday School. Topics discussed include:

How to discover the future possibilities of the church
How to enlarge the Sunday School Organization
How to provide appropriate space for Sunday School
How to enlist and train leaders
How to bring new people into the church

Personal Benefits
  • Sunday School Director will gain confidence in the task of leading a growing Sunday School.
  • Sunday School Director will discover principles of Church growth and how the Sunday School fosters growth.
  • Sunday School Director will learn how to support the pastor in growth and ministry.
Christian Education Certificate
This certificate is designed to help pastors, staff and lay leaders develop a practical plan for making disciples through Christian education in their church. Participants will gain tools and be challenged to explore the “why’s” behind the “how-to’s”.

Personal Benefits
  • Discover what the Bible says about Christian education and survey its historical development.
  • Design a Christian education ministry to be healthy and growing.
  • Develop a curriculum plan based on faith development.
  • Learn skills in teaching for transformation.
  • Explore biblical servant leadership and a model of Christian education.
Student Certificate
The Student Certification is designed to help pastors, staff and key laymen who work with students, Grade 6-12 with practical plans and teaching ideas.

Personal Benefits
  • Discover the best characteristics of adults who work and minister with adults.
  • Learn best practices of teaching students.
  • Share ideas on how to reach today’s students with the Gospel.
Preschool/Children Certificate
The Basic Preschool/Children Certificate is designed to help pastors, staff and lay leaders develop a practical plan for working and teaching children in the church.
Personal Benefits
  • Discover your call to teaching children and learn the essentials of ministry.
  • Discover what the Bible says and how God views children.
  • Discover how to teach children most appropriately at each age. Learn how to use learning activities, room arrangements and class schedules to affect learning.
  • Discover the characteristics of preschoolers and children at each stage of development.

UnCommon Leader
UnCommon Leader is a leadership training system designed to provide insights into key characteristics and requirements for successful leadership and provide the leader an opportunity to assess his/her personal leadership style.

Personal Benefits
  • Discover your leadership foundational skills.
  • Understand the differences among the adult generations.
  • Uncover the human factors involved in leadership.
  • Discover how to make a lasting motivational difference in individuals and organizations.
  • Understand how to navigate conflict and create exciting change.
  • Discover the various behavior styles and their impact on leadership.
Leading at the Speed of Trust
Franklin Covey’s Leading at the Speed of Trust leadership-development training program is designed to help leaders:

Personal Benefits
  • Choose to make building trust in the workplace an explicit goal of their work.
  • Learn how others perceive their trustworthiness from their personal TQ™ Report.
  • Understand the real, measurable Trust Taxes they might be paying without realizing it.
  • Change Trust Taxes to Trust Dividends, which are the benefits that come from growing trusting relationships.
  • Make action plans for Building Trust Accounts with all key stakeholders.
  • Begin using the Language of Trust as an important cultural lever.
7 Habits of Highly Effective People
At every level of your church, individual effectiveness matters. People are less effective when they don’t know how to lead themselves - managing their moods, their choices, and their time - and when they don’t know how to work well with others - to think abundantly, listen openly, communicate effectively and solve problems collaboratively.

Personal Benefits
  • Learn how to take initiative, balance key priorities, and improve interpersonal communication.
  • Discover how to leverage collaboration, and apply principles for achieving a balanced life.
Legacy Leadership
Legacy Leadership is a development system that guides all leaders to achieve timeless greatness and live their legacies today. It is a comprehensive platform of great leadership principles, behaviors and attitudes all great leaders have in common.

Personal Benefits
  • It focuses on bringing out individual best in each leader.
  • It develops leaders and a healthy leadership culture in every ministry area.
  • It helps leaders establish an effective organizational leadership culture that positively impacts the future.
  • It helps leaders shift from unconsciously doing leadership to consciously being a great leader.
Mentor Leader Training
Mentor Leadership training focuses on how pastors and staff members become outstanding mentor leaders. Priority is given to self-leadership, identifying mentors in your life, identifying individuals God is calling to ministry, and the single most important aspect that sets the mentor leader apart from other leaders.

Personal Benefits
  • Discovering what it means and how to be a mentor leader
  • Spotting and identifying those God is calling and has set apart for ministry
  • Identifying keys of mentor leadership and how mentor leaders are so effective
  • How to bring out the best in those you mentor
English as a Second Language
English as a Second Language Training provides ministers and laymen an opportunity to become trainers of ESL in their local church settings for international students, immigrants, professionals, and other English Language Learners. The training offers an opportunity to study in a dynamic learning community and acquire or improve essential skills to read, write, speak, and understand American English for social, professional, and academic purposes.
Personal Benefits
  • To use your English skills to assist others in reading writing and speaking English.
  • To be involved in a dynamic ministry to immigrants to this country.
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