Mondays 7:00 - 9:00 pm
February 5th - April 16th
Wayland Baptist University Certificate of Christian Ministry Classes

CM 0120 Art of Teaching Attention will be given to the teaching methods of Jesus and to the principles and steps involved in effective Bible teaching in today’s culture.

CM 0101 The Pentateuch A study of the first five books of the Old Testament with appropriate attention to the historical, literary, and theological aspects.

Prospective participants must complete an application and registration form through SABA two weeks prior to the start date of the term. One time application fee of $35. Tuition is $100 per course, and includes study materials.
For more information/registration, email: angelac@sanantoniobaptist.org.
Deacon Training Classes

Sharpening Deacon Personal Foundations Feb 5th - Mar 5th
Dr. Gary Patterson
During these five weeks we will focus on subjects such as the deacon growing in faith & wisdom, the deacon’s daily walk with the Lord, strengthening his personal foundations for life, faith and servanthood.

Sharpening Deacon Church Growth Skills Mar 12th - Apr 9th
Dr. Gary Patterson
Deacons can hinder or ignite the growth of the church by their attitudes and actions. These weeks will focus on uncovering the critical issues, principles, practices and structures that foster growing churches.

Sharpening Deacon Unity Skills Sept 10th - Oct 8th
Blake Coffee
Using Biblical principles we will enable deacons to lead through relationships, to recognize relationship issues at the heart of every unhealthy conflict, to keep a congregation focused on Christ even in the midst of conflict, and to be peacemakers by speaking Biblical truth into the conflict.

Sharpening Deacon Caring Skills Oct 15th - Nov 19th
Will Bearden
These five weeks will focus on improving skills such as building trust, listening, determining needs, improving communication, finding solutions, referring and follow up. Discover how to minister to the: unemployed, financially stressed, elderly, widowed, separated & divorced and other life situations.
For registration, email: angelac@sanantoniobaptist.org. or call 210.525.9954
Continuing Education for Deacons/Church Leaders
Biblical Life Skills Leadership

Based on 25 years of ministry experience and research, these leadership development courses will educate, train and empower maturing deacons to assist their pastors. Deacons and church leaders will be equipped to coach others to live a faith-based, peaceful and productive life in a fallen angry world.
Cost: SABA provides a scholarship to cover the cost for materials. Cost to each participant is $50.

Course Instructors: certified leaders from lifeskillsforliving.org
Dates and Description:

February 6 - March 13
Participants will gain a thorough understanding of their God-given emotion of anger as it relates to learned behavior, brain chemistry and subconscious imagery. Topics include: identifying negative emotions and anger sources, confidential persuasive message, anger log usage, harmful strategies, wrong methods for anger control, elements of anger reduction, helpful concepts, and the Holy Spirit's importance in reconciliation, tools for overcoming negative anger and a personalized anger change plan. This phase one evidence-based training offers CEU and CPE credit for professionals.

April 3 - May 8
Participants will acquire a biblical comprehension of conflict resolution, conduct and examine conflicts through role-playing and learn that resolving interpersonal conflicts can be a rewarding exercise. One will learn that concerned believers must examine positions of all involved in the conflict. Often times a third trained believer needs to help in attaining an acceptable, godly outcome. Believers usually need to discuss details of the significant problem to achieve both a blessed and long-lasting peaceful results.

September 11 - October 16
Participants will gain a thorough understanding of their God-given emotion of stress and review appropriate scripture references. Subject matter will include the real causes, physical and behavioral effects of negative stress and life role-playing. The course provides positive coping methods and skill sets to reduce personal stressful thinking, stressful feelings and stressful actions based on God's Word.
Click here to register and pay online for this class

November 6 - December 12
Participants will receive a godly insightful awareness of enhancing relationships in their love circles. All will embrace biblical, agape relationship enhancements, which require productive personal communications. Effective, Holy Spirit encouraged dialogue requires members to be assertive in dealings with others. Productive communication also requires each believer to use active listening skills in their daily dialogue with others as they practice the art of daily compliments in a real Christ-like manner.
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