Mondays 7:00 - 9:00 pm
Wayland Baptist University Certificate Class

Acts and the Epistles - Cynthia Brown - Sept. 11 - Nov. 20
A study of the development of the New Testament church as presented in the Book of Acts and the thirteen epistles traditionally considered to have been written by the Apostle Paul. Attention will be given to the historical, literary and theological aspects of these books.

Evangelism - Dan Brown - Sept. 11 - Nov 20
A study of the principles, theology and methods of New Testament evangelism. Attention will be given to evangelism on both a personal and church level.

Wayland classes are $50 for tuition and a $35 registration fee for a first time student to MTC.

Deacon Certificate Training

Sharpening Deacon Caring Skills - Will Bearden - Sept. 11 - Oct. 9
These five weeks will focus on improving skills such as building trust, listening, determining needs, improving communication, finding solutions, referring and follow up. Discover how to minister to the: unemployed, financially stressed, elderly, widowed, separated & divorced and other life situations.
Sharpening Deacon Unity Skills - Blake Coffee Oct. 16 – Nov. 13
Using Biblical principles we will enable deacons to lead through relationships, to recognize relationship issues at the heart of every unhealthy conflict, to keep a congregation focused on Christ even in the midst of conflict, and to be peacemakers by speaking Biblical truth into the conflict.

Deacon Certificate Training is free for churches who are members of SABA. Requirements for completing the Deacon Certificate is attendance at 16 of the 20 class sessions.
SABA Offers Certificate in Stewardship Leadership
THURSDAYS, beginning September 14th, 9 am - 11 am
SABA is partnering with TwentyFour3Management to offer a Certificate in Stewardship Leadership to ministers interested in growing in their understanding of Stewardship and those interested in coaching and consulting with churches in Stewardship management.
The 9 month certificate course consists of a four Phases. Classes will be held at SABA Offices on Thursdays, beginning September 14th at 9 am to 11 am.

Phase 1 (8 weeks) Developing a Strategic Planning process where we review the current Stewardship Discipleship Process of the local church. Topics include; 1) current realities of stewardship, 2) vision & goals for stewardship, 3) barriers against stewardship, 4) action steps to grow family stewards and 5) measurable plans of a stewardship process.

Phase 2 (16 weeks) Developing a Stewardship Discipleship Team who enlists, trains and coaches through each of the Four Steward types, (stuck, struggle, stable and surplus). The team will be trained in how to coach an individual, couple or a small group, in moving forward from being stuck to surplus. Each team member will receive Budget & Debt Elimination coaching training.

Phase 3 (16 week) Developing a Stewardship Campaign, NOT a Capital Campaign! We begin by; 1) enlisting a Stewardship Campaign Team who will create a theme and branding for the campaign, 2) promote personal stewardship within the church and 3) ask the Holy Spirit what He would have members give through the campaign.

Phase 4 (8 Weeks) Discovering the power of a support group facilitated by the Stewardship Team. The Team will each work through one of the recommended stewardship training books with their enlisted group, which will help lead the group members in a deeper equipping of a steward.

Church leaders will pay a fee of $100.00 per month for a total of nine months for the certification.

To learn more about twentyfour3management visit: www.twentyfour3management.com 
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