Minister's Personal Growth

Regardless of the state of a church's overall health, the state of the pastor's and staff member's spiritual life is without question, the most important single reason why some churches are growing and others are declining in numbers. Resources are available for Soul Care/Coaching and Mentoring/Local Theological Education/Other Theological Education


Soul Care (Spiritual Formation)

Retreat: The Longing for His Presence Retreat System, contact Pat Ward or Harrell Teague at 210.525.9954, three retreats that are three days each focusing on Silence, Solitude, Prayer Walking, Centering Prayer, Gratitude, Fasting, Church Discernment, and other topics that assist the minister in careing for his own soul. Contact SABA for schedule and places.

Book: Barton, Ruth Haley. Sacred Rhythms: Arranging Our Lives for Spiritual Transformation

Book: Demarest, Bruce. Satisfy Your Soul: Restoring the Heart of Christian Spirituality

Book: Demarest, Bruce. Soul Guide: Following Jesus as Spiritual Director

Book: Johnson, Jan. Listening to God: Using Scripture as a Path to God's Presence

Book: Johnson, Jan. When the Soul Listens: Finding Rest and Direction in Contemplative Prayer

Book: Kidder, Annemarie. The Power of Solitude: Discovering Your True Self in a World of Nonsense and Noise


Church Coaching & Mentoring

Each SABA Staff Member is becoming Certified Ministry Coaches through the International Federation of Coaching.

SABA Coaching School, twice yearly SABA is offering a Minister Coach Training Clinic to train and deploy ministers in peer coaching other ministers.

Fast Track Coach Training, yearly SABA hosts a Coach U Fast Track Coach Training event for the purpose of training certified coaches. For dates and specific information on coaching contact Harrell Teague @ 210.525.9954

Coaching4Clergy, 1.866.783.0376, www.coaching4clergy.com , Most of the coaching offered by Val Hastings is delivered over the telephone while you are in the privacy and convenience of your own home or office. NO TRAVEL TIME IS REQUIRED.


Local Baptist Theological Education

Certificate Diploma Programs
The Ministry Training Center: The Wayland-San Antonio Certificate Program is offered through SABA and consists of 18 courses in both Old and New Testament, Christian doctrine, biblical interpretation, preaching and tteaching, church administration, church history, Christian leadership and personal discipleship. Additionally studies are offered in Christian ethics, ministry, worship, missions and evangelism. Contact Pat Ward or Harrell Teague at 210.525.9954 for additional details.

Baptist University of the Americas offers a Diploma Program, entry level classes for students. 210.924.4338, www.bua.edu

Bachelor Degree Programs
Baptist University of the Americas offers a Diploma Program, entry level classes for students. 210.924.4338, 

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, 210.212.6080

Wayland Baptist University - San Antonio, 210.826.7595,


San Antonio Baptist Association
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