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Out of our Strategy Planning process of 2007-08 we discovered that Leadership Development was the Hoshen Strategy for the Association. The Hoshen is the one element of the Strategy Plan that if done well would influence all other elements of the plan. The following resources are made available for leadership training: Deacon Training, Strategy Planning/Team Building/Leadership Training Conferences/Ministry Training Center/Working with Volunteers.
Deacon Training
Deacon Certificate Program, 210.525.9954
The four unit programs uses subject matter instructors teaching courses on: Sharpening Deacon Unity Skills, Sharpening Deacon Caring Skills, Sharpening Deacon Character and Sharpening Deacon Church Growth Skills. Each unit is 5 weeks long, meeting Mondays at San Antonio Baptist Association's office.

www.lifeway.com here you will find a variety of Deacon Training Products and Articles to help your Deacon Ministry.
Strategy Planning
Book: Malphurs, Aubrey. Advanced Strategic Planning: A New Model for Church and Ministry Leaders

Strategy Planning Consultants
Each SABA Staff Member has received a Certified to be a Strategy Planning Consultant for our churches. Contact us at 210.525.9954
Team Building
PowerPoint: Teague, Harrell. Team Building 101: Let's Talk About Team Building
PowerPoint: Teague, Harrell. Team Building 201: Timeless Principles of Team Building
PowerPoint: Teague, Harrell. Team Building 301: Creating a Culture of Team Work and Equipping
Book: Lencioni, Patrick. The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
Book: Malphurs, Aubrey & Mancini, Will. Building Leaders: Blueprints for Developing Leadership at Every Level of Your Church
Book: Maxwell, John. Developing the Leaders Around You: How to Help Others Reach Their Potential
Book: Maxwell, John. The 17 Indisputable Laws of Teamwork: Embrace Them and Empower Your Team
Book: Cordeiro, Wayne. Doing Church as a Team, ISBN # 0-8307-2652-7
The Birkman Resources, 713.623.2760, www.birkman.com, Birkman International provides industry leading personality assessment tools that facilitates team building, executive coaching, leadership development, career management and interpersonal conflict resolution.

Uniquely You
1.800.501.0490, www.uniquelyyou.com
Uniquely You is one of the most popular profile providers and the pioneer for combining spiritual gifts with the 4 DISC personality types. You can now assess your own or ministry's strengths and "uniqueness's" by identifying your DISC personality profile and spiritual gifts types. By understanding Human Behavior Science from a biblical perspective, you can help members find their shape and place in the ministries of your church. These personality insights and motivational gifts will improve your ministry's church health, assimilation, network, involvement, leadership, evangelism, discipleship, conflict resolution, and spiritual growth.
Leadership Training Conference
Longing for His Presence Retreat System, this 3 retreat system is designed to help ministers deal with issues such as: silence, solitude, gratitude, spiritual discernment, fasting, prayer walking, and contemplative prayer. Each retreat begins on Sunday afternoon and concludes on Tuesday afternoon. Contact the Associational office for registration and additional details.

The Leadership Summit
Willow Creek Community Church, 800.570.9812, www.willowcreek.com/summit
Held in San Antonio annually at Grace Point Baptist Church brings the best leadership examples from the business, legal, arts and educational worlds to the Christian Community.

The Ministers Tax Seminar
Held annually in the early Spring to assist ministers in completing their specialized Tax Forms. Contact SABA for dates and times at 210.525.9954.
Ministry Training Center
210.525.9954, email patriciaw@sanantoniobaptist.org or harrellt@sanantoniobaptist.org, The Ministry Training Center offers a wide variety of classes for ministers and key laymen. Classes begin in February and September and are 11 weeks in length. Some have fees for attending. Contact the emails above to discover the upcoming or current classes offered.
Working With Volunteers
Book: Bolton, Robert. People Skills,
Book: McCarty, Doran, C. Supervision: Developing and Directing People in Ministry,
Book: Guinness, Os. The Call,Great Leadership Course at UTSA, MGT 4923 Leading Organizations and Making Decisions
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