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Where: San Antonio Baptist Association, 5807 IH-10 West, San Antonio, Texas 78201
Steve Payne, 210-525-9954, SteveP@sanantoniobaptist.org
Cost: $25 - includes notebook manual - please bring a sack lunch
Payment: September 8th, check to Literacy ConneXus OR exact cash, NO change.
RSVP: Required by Tuesday, September 4, 2018
Contact: Dora Parnell at ddparnell@sbcglobal.net; Indicate “ESL Training” on the subject line or 210-659-1420.
Registration is limited, so training may be closed BEFORE that date.
Questions concerning content of training, or for more information please contact TEX trainer: Dora Parnell, ddparnell@sbcglobal.net or 210-659-1420
Literacy ConneXus ESL Teacher Trainer & Ministry Consultant
Filing tax forms can be difficult for anyone. Church tax forms can be particularly confusing. Keeping up with the ever changing tax laws is a constant battle.
The Tax Seminar held each year at San Antonio Baptist Association can guide you in the right direction and provide answers to your tax questions.
Please, make arrangements for you or a representative from your church to attend. The class will be held via web services. We will send out a notification and link as the date approaches. Please make sure that we have current contact information for your church. Only an expert can answer your tax questions and this is your chance to ask him.
This is a free service so please take advantage of this opportunity.
This year’s Annual Celebration will be a Global Mission Summit, which will be a three-day event. Three Days of activities all designed around Christ’s commission to make disciples and to proclaim repentance for forgiveness of sins in His name to all the nations, beginning from Jerusalem.
What to Expect:
We will have a worship celebration on Friday evening at 7 pm.
Our Saturday activities will begin at 8:30am and ends at 1:30pm.
Saturday schedule will include breakout sessions, various church choirs, booths as well as a concluding celebration time to end the event.
On Sunday our guest speakers and missionaries will be preaching in various churches in our Association.
More details to come!
Visit us on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/sanantoniobaptist

SABA’s Urban Missionary Training Center is offering a variety of flexible equipping opportunities this fall. Below are various opportunities to allow God to take you to the next level. We will come to your church or other location at any available opportunity, thus ‘anytime anywhere.’ If you are interested in one or more of these opportunities, please call the SABA office at 210.525.9954.
Dr. Darrell Horn
The Power of Story - will equip you to teach truth effectively so others can easily learn. This training is great for teachers and other communicators. When you want to influence others, there is no more powerful tool than story. People need story to organize their thoughts and make sense of the world around them. The cost of the class is $50 per person, which covers all printed materials.

Prayer Walking - this one-day seminar at your church facility or other location will focus on the importance of walking through your community while praying for your neighbors. This is intercession on a new level. Consider hosting a prayer walking event at your church. No cost to attend.

Corporate Prayer - this one-day seminar at your church facility or other location will focus on praying corporately as a church body. This can be a powerful gathering as your church collectively focuses on impacting your community through a guided prayer experience. This is a prayer experience not a Bible study. No cost to attend.
Dr. Darrell Horn and Elizabeth Biedrzycki
Worldview and Strategy Plan Development - this course will teach you how to study the worldview of your target group with the intention of developing a multi-faceted strategy plan, which will include prayer, evangelism, discipleship, leader development and church planting. The training group will develop the strategy plan together, which can be used by your local church. Each participant will end the course with the understanding of how to develop a worldview study and an appropriate strategy plan. The cost is $50 per person.
Dr. Roland Lopez
4 x Four Evangelistic Training – helps each Christian leader and lay person to identify those in their sphere of relationships who do not know Christ personally by encouraging them to pray and intercede on behalf of each person identified. Participants are asked to invest in a relationship with each person on our list while inviting each friend, relative, neighbor and associate to an event held at the church where they hear a Gospel presentation. Many churches have used this method very successfully. No cost to attend.
Albert Diaz
Apologetics (basics) – Apologetics is the study of how to give reasons for our Christian hope. 1 Peter 3:15 reminds us to always be ready to make a defense for the hope that lies within us. This course will seek to constitute a rational basis for believing in Christian theism, by answering the objections and critiques of other worldviews. The cost of the class is $50 per person, which covers all printed materials.
Dr. Mark and Susan Pfeiffer
Understanding Islam and Gospel Ministry to Muslims – will explain the theology, worldview, and culture of Muslims by teaching you about its founding, history, development, the prophet Muhammad, the Qur’an, the Hadith, the Five Pillars of Islam, Islamic Theology, and other key topics. The training then turns to effective gospel ministry to Muslims. You will learn to share the Gospel with Muslims in theologically and culturally sensitive ways as well as addressing the most common objections Muslims have to the gospel. The training schedule is flexible to meet the needs of your church through trainings such as one session, one weekend, or several weeks. The cost will vary depending on the training desired.
Paul Gonzales, Ben Hanna, John Williams and Olber Roblero
‘No Place Left’ Mobile Training Team – we are ‘mobile’ and come to you; we are ‘evangelistic’ and equip your people to share their story and the story of Jesus, to make disciples, gather believers and to multiply leaders; we are biblical and reproducible – 2 Timothy 2:2; we are a team of seasoned evangelists, disciple-makers, church planters and missionaries committed to working together with your team to fulfill the Great Commission. Together we can advance the Kingdom in obedience until there is No Place Left! No cost to attend.

Hispanic Minister's Conference

Monday's in July
El Calvario 8:30 AM
Monday's August
El Calvario 8:30 AM
Monday's in September

La Varonil De La Asociación Bautista Mexicana

July 14th
El Shaddai - 8:00 AM
August 11th
Buena Voluntad - 8:00 AM
September 8th
Nueva Esperanza - 8:00 AM

Asociación Bautista Mexicana

August 5th
Monte Calvario - 2:00 PM
September 2nd
Primera Mexicana - 2:00 PM

First Wednesday Minister's Luncheon

August 1st
11:30 am to 1:00 pm
San Antonio Baptist Association
5807 IH-10W

September 5th
11:30 am to 1:00 pm
San Antonio Baptist Association
5807 IH-10W

Urban Ministries Meetings

Thursday's at 10:00 am
Friday's at 10:00 am
Thursday's at 10:00 am
All meetings at SABA

Executive Board Meeting/Luncheon

August 20th
SABA at 11:30 am

Continuing Ed. for Deacons Lifeskills

September 4th
SABA at 7:00 pm

MTC Wayland and Deacon Training

September 10th
SABA at 7:00 pm


Global Mission Summit
SABA'S Annual Meeting
October 19 - 21, 2018
San Antonio Baptist Association
5807 W IH - 10 San Antonio, TX 78201 (map)
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