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Thriving churches have a variety of outward focused ministries whose goal is to share the Gospel of Christ with the community around their ministry area. Understanding the community around the church is often difficult without proper tools. These resources will help the church become more outward focused.

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FEBRUARY 23 & 24, 2013

Life Church of San Antonio (formerly South San Filadelfia)

2483 West Southcross


Demographic Resources

Link2lead -- www.link2lead.com provides demographic and psychographic information for churches in their zip codes, radius, or polygon areas around their churches. Click on the website, register as first timer, and check TEXAS BAPTIST, your city and your church to obtain specific information useful for your ministry area.

City Data -- We've collected and analyzed data from numerous sources to create as complete and interesting profiles of all U.S. cities as we could. We have over 63,000 city photos not found anywhere else, graphs of latest real estate prices and sales trends,

SRC FreeDemographics.com -- Your FREE subscription provides complete access to data collected from the 1980, 1990, and 2000 census. FreeDemographics offers you the ability to create your own custom market analysis reports based on a number of selected demographic variables for any geography in seconds.

Texas Association of Counties Demographics -- A state level liaison to the U.S. Bureau of the Census for better dissemination of Texas census data and to meet a demand for more timely population estimates and projections for inter-censal years.

U.S. Census Bureau Population and Household

U.S. Census Bureau State Facts for Students -- The major site for all US demographics

UT Library Statistics and Demographics -- Great site for Texas demographics


Church Growth & Development

One Month to Live Resources, 800-946-5983 www.theonemonthtchallenge.com is a One Month to Live Nationwide Church-wide Challenge. This exciting campaign is designed to engage the people in your church with one central question: If you knew you only had one month to live, what would you do to make what�s left of your life really matter? With eye-opening insights and soul-inspiring truths, this campaign will challenge your members, attendees, leadership teams and staff to embrace their mortality and be empowered to live each day to the fullest.


Evangelism Conferences

Engage XP Conference :  Outstanding training and inspiration on how to share your faith and equip churches to become more evangelistic.

National Outreach Convention, 800.991.6011, www.outreachconvention.com


Church Outreach Programs

G.R.O.W. Outreach Program, obtain from LifeWay Christian Resources, 1.800.458.2772, www.LifeWay.com

F.A.I.T.H. Outreach Program, obtain from LifeWay Christian Resources, 1.800.458.2772, www.LifeWay.com

Outreach Programs from North American Mission Board

Evangelism Partners - NAMB.net
... Evangelism Partners, Evangelization Group. (Link-Out Wrapper). http://www.namb.
net/evangelism/staff.aspx. (Add Hyperlinks to team pages). Home ...
www.namb.net/site/c.9qKILUOzEpH/b.224370/k.CF63/Evangelism_Partners.htm - 13k

Personal/Mass Evangelism - NAMB.net
... Evangelism Response Center (www.ERCOnline.net)�NAMB's telephone/Internet response
network in which trained volunteers share Christ with callers responding to ...
www.namb.net/site/c.9qKILUOzEpH/b.1356815/ - 19k

Evangelism Coaching - NAMB.net
... Existing and future specific evangelism techniques and programs like CWT, Total
Church, The NET, or FAITH have a role in E-Coaching, but E-Coaching itself is ...
www.namb.net/site/c.9qKILUOzEpH/b.2555681/k.F6D6/Evangelism_Coaching.htm - 21k

Servant/Ministry Evangelism - NAMB.net
... Servant/Ministry Evangelism. The Servant/Ministry Evangelism Team ... for starting
a new ministry. Servant/Ministry Evangelism Team Staff. ...
www.namb.net/site/c.9qKILUOzEpH/b.1370339/ - 19k

Evangelism Response Center - NAMB.net
... Evangelism Response Center. ... To request registration materials, visit the ERC page
at the link below. Take Me To: Evangelism Response Center. ERC Member Community ...
www.namb.net/site/c.9qKILUOzEpH/b.228412/k.6E62/Evangelism_Response_Center.htm - 16k

Student/Collegiate Evangelism - NAMB.net
Collegiate Evangelism. www.KidzPlace.org. www.Studentz.com. Home > Sharing Christ >
Student/Collegiate Evangelism, Student/Collegiate Evangelism. ...
www.namb.net/site/c.9qKILUOzEpH/b.3973661/ - 14k

Evangelism/Church Planting Opportunities - NAMB.net
... Festival Evangelism. Door-to-door witnessing. Home maintenance clinics. and so much
more ... E-mail: noahECPL@namb.net. Phone: 1 (877) 934-0808 (toll free) or (504) ...
www.namb.net/site/c.9qKILUOzEpH/b.2997161/k.BBB/EvangelismChurch_Planting_Opportunities.htm - 18k

Collegiate Evangelism - NAMB.net
... Collegiate Evangelism Mark Lydecker, Director 770-410-6380 www.namb.net/college.
Mission Service Corps Mike Riggins, Director 770-410-6345 www.answerthecall.net ...
www.namb.net/site/c.9qKILUOzEpH/b.2022421/ - 20k

National Evangelism Initiative - NAMB.net


Evangelism Resources from the BGCT

Church Consultations: Trained consultants stand ready to help your church evaluate its evangelistic efforts. A consultant will come to your church and help your leaders diagnosis the current situation, conduct surveys of your church and community, and suggest ways of matching your resources with your needs. Consultations can last a few hours or as long as a number of days and should be followed by an evaluation of progress and effectiveness. Contact us. E-mail: evangelism@bgct.orgPhone: 214-828-5117

Customized Evangelism Strategy Development: Evangelism consultants can work with your church, or groups within your church, to better understand the community in which you minister and the types of evangelism that might prove most effective. God is greater than any human model, but experience indicates that some types of communities respond more readily to certain models of evangelism than to others. We can help reduce frustration by helping identify the modes of evangelism best suited to the field in which God has placed your church. E-mail: evangelism@bgct.org , Phone: 214-828-5117

Evangelistic Preaching: This half-day conference provides principles and practices for preparing and delivering evangelistic messages and how to give an evangelistic invitation. Contact us. E-mail: evangelism@bgct.org , Phone: 214-828-5117

Satellite "Seed" Congregations: Reach and baptize people for your church by �satelliting� your congregation beyond the walls of the building. The BGCT can help by equipping your laypersons as leaders of no-cost, simple congregations among unreached pockets of people. These satellite congregations generally meet in homes and are affiliated with your church as its sponsor, contributing to your church�s overall impact in the community. E-mail: churchstarting@bgct.org Phone: 214-828-5117

Prayer-Based Organic Church Planting: Use a prayer-walking strategy (pdf) to reach people in public settings � such as gated apartment communities, parks, corporate break rooms and recreation centers � and form them into a congregation. This outreach strategy does not involve events, or advertising, but rather requires the commitment of volunteers. E-mail: churchstarting@bgct.org Phone: 214-828-5389

Multi-Housing Church Planting: Reach out to people living in apartment complexes, mobile home parks and dormitories by equipping leaders for ministries in those types of living environments. Leaders will be trained for simple, on-site extensions of the church body. E-mail: churchstarting@bgct.org Phone: 214-828-5117

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