Church Administration

Running the business and financial affairs of the local church is a demanding responsibility. These resources will assist in the smooth operation of your church.

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Church Administration Management Links

Administrative and Organization  A great resource on all things concerning the administrative functioning of a church

Church Ministry Management Software  ConnectionPower is by far the fastest growing web-based, church management software system with over 3,500 church subscriptions in the first 5 years. Our 100% web based church software solutions are truly enterprise level software applications that facilitate church growth and are fully scaleable to any sized church.

ChurchSoft Church Management Software Made Easy  Church software to track membership, attendance, contributions, prospects and finances is now easier than ever with Assist 5.0. Assist 5.0 for Windows is state of the art church management software for Win 95/98/2000/ME/NT/XP. Our goal is to help the church.

PowerChurch Plus 10 Software  At PowerChurch Software, we are dedicated to providing your ministry with the highest quality church software tools available today. Since 1984, over 28,000 churches and non-profit organizations have come to rely on PowerChurch Plus as their membership, contribution, and accounting software solution.

Rick Warren's Ministry Toolbox

Surviving a Church Financial Audit  Here are resources to help you and your church complete a financial audit successfully.

EZ Church:  www.ezchurch.com
Church Business: 
Church Resources: 


Media/Publication Resources

Your Church Magazine On-Line, www.yourchurch.net, gives you a wealth of product information in categories such as: Music & Audio; Building & Transportation; Church Furnishings; Lighting & Video;  and Finance & Law.


Safety & Security

Child Protection/Sexual Abuse Prevention
An assortment of records and links to help you to exercise diligent scrutiny when hiring staff and/or choosing volunteers in an attempt to protect your church from the devastating effects of sexual abuse and other moral failures of those in ministry can be found at: 


Personal Money Management

Crown Financial Ministries, 800.722.1976, www.crown.org CROWN'S MISSION is to 
Equip people worldwide to learn, apply, and teach God's financial principles so they may know Christ more intimately, be free to serve Him, and help fund the Great Commission.

Financial Peace University, 888.22.PEACE (888.227.3223), www.daveramsey.com  Strengthening families strengthens the church. Bad financial habits and debt problems can be passed from generation to generation, but Financial Peace University teaches families how to free themselves from the burden of debt and build lasting wealth.

Your Church Magazine On-Line, www.yourchurch.net, gives you a wealth of product information in categories such as: Finance & Law.


Building Buildings & Facility Development

BGCT Church Architecture Department, 214.828.5125, www.bgct.org/architecture for fact sheets on specialty topics and online estimators

BGCT Church Architecture consultation and drawings

LifeWay Church Architecture Department, www.lifeway.com/churcharchitecture for free download articles, services, resources and other services.

Rules of Thumb for building Worship Centers, Educational Buildings and Recreation Facilities,www.lifeway.com/churcharchitecture/downloads/rules.pdf

Your Church Magazine On-Line, www.yourchurch.net, gives you a wealth of product information in categories such as: Building & Transportation; Office Equipment & Management Resources; Church Furnishings; Lighting & Video; and Finance & Law.



Building Fundraising Campaigns

BGCT United We Build Fund-raising, 214.828.5263, www.bgct.org/stewardship where you will find a Church Financial Campaign resources

LifeWay Christian Resources has four fund raising strategies to choose from:
Beyond Measure™ promotes the concepts of discipleship, Christian asset management, prayer, and joyful giving. Learn more about Beyond Measure...
Together We Build® is the pioneer of capital campaigns that focuses on giving back to God. Learn more about Together We Build... 
Door to the Future® focuses on prayer, discipleship, and sacrificial giving for churches with a smaller annual incomeLearn more about Door to the Future...
Bridge to Tomorrow  ® is a self-driven campaign designed specifically for churches averaging 

Church Budget Resources, 214.828.5263, www.bgct.org/stewardship where you will find a Church Budget Template and Church Budget Process for a church in addition to additional budgeting resources 

Church Budgeting Made Simple  --  Help for churches without a budget to begin the budgeting process.  Why a budget is important not only for financial support but accountability.


Church Marketing

Marketing (Advertising) initiate with people, specifically the end user (ex. customer). Rather than guessing what is needed, or should be needed, create a marketing focus group type of activity with the dialogue directed around the specific issue of resourcing

Gathering of small (6-8 people ) groups of both pastors and laity

These groups need to be distributed and mixed demographically and geographically to enable participants to get a vision beyond themselves

Marketing 6P�s begin with People. Who are we reaching, why are we reaching them, how may they be reached? Like it or not, we are marketing. We are not Madison avenue, but we are marketing.




Technology Support & Resources

Techsoup: www.techsoup.org
Internet Frequently Asked Questions: 
Knowledge Hound, The How-To Hunter: 
Museum of Hoaxes: 
All Experts: 

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