Searching for New Pastor: visit www.bgct.org/leadership

Resume Matching Service: visit www.bgct.org/leaderconnect or visit SABA office for copy of resumes
Help Finding Interim Pastor: contact Charles Price at charlesp@sanantoniobaptist.org or email Karl Fickling at karl.fickling@bgct.org


Staff Members

Searching for New Staff Members: visit the SABA Office for copies of Potential Staff Members resume's or visit www.bgct.org/leadership


Interim Pulpit & Committee Helps

Searching for a New Pastor: contact SABA office for copies of the pastors in resume file or visit www.bgct.org/leadership
Pulpit Committee Training: contact SABA office or visit www.bgct.org/leadership, under Search Committee Help download helpful information



Book: Buford, Bob. Finishing Well: What people Who REALLY Live Do Differently!
Book: Lewis, Robert. The Church of Irresistible Influence: Bridge-Building Stories to help Reach Your Community
Book: Reeb, Lloyd, & Wellons, Bill. Unlimited Partnership: Igniting a Markplace Leader's journey to Significance

San Antonio Baptist Association
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