Youth Ministry

The Annual Youth Celebration at the Annual SABA Celebration
Each year youth ministers across the association create a fast pace, high energy worship experience for Middle and High School Students in conjunction with the SABA Annual Celebration. The event always takes place the 3rd Sunday of October at the Host Church for the Annual Celebration. Watch the Update for specific details

Youth Ministry Training Conference
  • Youth Minister's Conclave, 214.828.5285, E-mail: youthministry@bgct.org. The Conclave provides training conferences and worship experiences for adults who oversee and serve in the youth ministry in their churches. Conferences include training in youth Bible study leadership, youth evangelism and youth ministry administration. Conclave is scheduled for October or November each year.
  • Youth Evangelism Conference, 214.828.5121, E-mail: yec@bgct.org. The Youth Evangelism Conference is the largest gathering of Texas Baptists each year. Thousands of teenagers gather to hear the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ, and each year many make decisions to follow Christ. The program includes youth-oriented music and speakers.
  • Super Summer, 214.828.5366, E-mail: supersummer@bgct.org. Super Summer is a training and learning experience for those in your youth group who have already committed their lives to Christ, who are seeking fresh ways to develop their fullest potential as a Christian leader and are willing to invest a week of their summer learning how.
Youth Events
  • Master's Camp, 830.232.5271, www.altofrio.com an annual camp for middle and high school students held at Alto Frio Baptist Encampment.
  • Emmanuel Camp, 830.232.5271, www.altofrio.com an annual camp for middle and high school Hispanic students held at Alto Frio Baptist Encampment.
  • See You at the Pole, 214.828.5120, yec@bgct.org. See You at the Pole is a student-initiated, student-organized and student-led event at schools across the state and the nation. It is held each year on the third Wednesday of September. Students meet at their school's flagpole to pray - for their school, friends, teachers, government and nation.
  • Hot Hearts, 214.828.5120, youthevangelism@bgct.org. Hot Hearts combines the messages of the most effective youth communicators and the very best in contemporary Christian music with state-of-the-art video and light shows for a high-energy weekend.
Youth Ministry Organizations
San Antonio Baptist Association
5807 W IH - 10 San Antonio, TX 78201 (map)
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